Essay for Romeo.and.Juliet

If maybe mercutio didnt get into the fight between romeo and tybalt than wat if tybalt and romeo were gonna have a moment of forgivness for eachother and they would have been able to become friends or something and find out a way for there family to stop fighting.  Also there would have been a way for them to settle the arguement between the two, thats what romeos plan was ganna be in the first place but mercutio was being a good friend and wanting to help and defend romeo. And if it wasnt for tybalt being a jerk to romeo and not fight but talk to romeo and see what was going on and use comunication than maybe he wouldnt have killed mercutio and leave romeo badly ingered.  At the same time, if mercutio wasnt making fun of the capulets and being such a brown noser than maybe none of the ued would have happened, but also if tybalt wasnt so jealous and wanting to fight maybe they would have been still alive. You got to think beore you do something or else you do something stupid and non forgetful people will think of you as a different person and will be ashameded by everyone you kow and love. If it wasnt for romeo rushing things and wanting to do things than maybe tybalt wouldnt be as mad as he was beore he killed mercutio and so forth. But also if the lord and lady capulet would let juleit choose who she wanted to marry none of this would of ever happend  because they wanted juliet to marry paris. If they gave her the permision to choose than mercutio will be alive, tybalt would have also been alive, romeo and juleit can live together forever and ever (like all damn chick flicks or story ends), parents will be happy for there daughter, nurse still be nurse, fairer lawern would hae married them two and be happy exept messed up that he was the one who killed both of them(also that one little person that gave romeo the messages it was also his ault cuz he didnt give romeo the letter which “killed” juliet than killed romeo). -kmango

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Tease and Demolished

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8 randomness bout k

1.) Tacos and Mangos are my favorite fruit.

2.)i have blue highlights which means my favorite color is blue:3

3.)I’m in love with an anime character named Sasuke Uchiha.

4.)i am a certified doctor and have an awesome nurse “ice”

5) my pocket still smells and tastes like pancake syrup 😀

6.) i like 80’s music

7.)  I’m a nerdy rocker kid

8.) i wear my converse all the time

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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